The 21st Amendment, A Celebration.

*Feel free to read the following in your head in Morgan Freeman’s voice. You know you want to and you know it makes it (and everything) better.


*Four score ago, on this date, something happened. It was monumental, gigantorous, mui importante. On December 5, 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified. Thus the 18th Amendment, the worst amendment ever known to man as it is called around here, ended. Prohibition was no more. We had won. Beer was to flow freely in the streets once more, and not the 3.2% iteration as approved by the Cullen Harrison act in March of 1933 but full pre-Prohibition beer. After almost 14 years (the 18th Amendment was ratified on January 17, 1920) of back room bars, bathtub gin, and secret homemade spirits the time had come for booze to be legal again. History had been made, but not only in the re-legalization of alcohol and spirits, for the 21st Amendment itself was historical.

For you see, in the US Constitution there are two methods allowing for the ratification of a new amendment. One, the state ratifying convention, had never before been used but on this day, 80 years ago, it was. It has never been used since. The 21st Amendment is also the only one to ever repeal another amendment, therefore making it doubly, nay, triply historic. Despite being ratified 80 years ago today it did not go into effect until 10 days later, December 15, 1933. Despite this it has been said that people were openly drinking in the streets in celebration as soon as they heard the news. We know we would’ve been.

Isn’t history fun, Adventurers? Below is a photo of the amendment as it was introduced to Congress a year before it’s ratification, on December 5th, 1932. Click to zoom. We encourage everyone to go read up on their beer history on the anniversary of such an historic day.

Til next time, happy adventuring!