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As I sit here drinking this delicious Morticia by Barrier Brewing and watching the Royals try to shock the world I cant help but think about possibilities. Who knows what’s ahead? Well, I have an idea and it’s currently in the works. Can I guarantee it won’t suck? Sure I could, but then it could suck AND I’d be a liar, so I won’t. Either way I have something exciting (at least to me) in the works and you’ll just have to wait and see….all 1-4 of you who read this. I’m gonna wow the pants off you motherfuckers. At LEAST 2 of 4.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Adventurers!

Just a quick happy holidays, merry Christmas, and happy new year from all of us at TapHappyAdventures to you, Adventurers. May you and yours get everything you want and have a wonderful new year.

Thanks for a great first few months! Stay tuned and see what we have on tap for 2014. You’re in for some great things.

As always, til next time, keep Adventuring!

Brooklyn Blast Now Available in 12oz Bottles

Oh boy oh boy oh boyohboyohboy….

We remember the first time we here at TapHappyAdventures first tried Brooklyn Blast. It was way back in 2006 at the first ever NY Brewfest on the South Street Seaport. It was mind blowing and delicious then (when I believe it was just a fledgling little youngster trying to claw it’s way into people’s hearts and livers) and it is delicious now. We here are psyched that we can take the Blast home and not have to trek to Brooklyn Bowl or our local watering hole to imbibe! What’re you waiting for?!?! GO GET SOME!

Click here for the official Brooklyn Brewery release from their blog.

Happy Adventuring!

NYC Beer Week Fundraiser at Brooklyn Brewery


Help support local craft beer in NYC! Tomorrow is your chance to not only help out with NYC Beer Week 2014 but to drink some delicious and (key word) RARE beers such as Brooklyn Brewery’s 2005 Black Chocolate Stout and Late Vintage Bottle Black Ops, KelSo Cabernet Barrel-aged Industrial Pale Ale, Eataly Birreria’s Barista (brewed with Caffe Vergnano Crema 800 Espresso & rolled oats) and the debut of City Island’s Black Ale.

Join all the members of the New York City Brewers Guild (NYCBG) at Brooklyn Brewery tomorrow at 7 pm. Tickets are $40 ($41.99 with the service fee) and include unlimited pours of these rare and exotic beers from 7-10 pm. Tickets are still available as of now but you better hurry!

Click the pic above or right here for more info on the beers being poured and to purchase a ticket to help support NYC Beer Week, happening February 21 – March 2, 2014.

You can check out the NYCBG here.

Idle Hands 4th Annual White Christmas Winter Warmer Beer Extravaganza


This Wednesday, TapHappyAdventures will be braving the cold in order to sample some winter warmers paired with some tasty cuts of Black Sabbath at Idle Hands Bar on 25 Avenue B in New York City, and we are psyched. The first of three consecutive Wednesday tastings includes samples of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Sly Fox Christmas Ale, Great South Bay Sleigh Ryed, Smuttynose Winter Ale, and a yet to be determined Lagunitas. Throw in a plate of tator tots per person and the chance to hobnob with reps from the breweries all for $10 and you’ve got the perfect winter Wednesday night.

Come join us on this week’s TapHappyAdventure at Idle Hands! For more info and to RSVP for this and future events click the picture above or right here.

Hope to see you there, Adventurers.

For more hit us up on Twitter and let us know what your favorite winter beer is and follow us on Untappd to see what the TapHappyAdventures offices are drinking this holiday season.

Barrier Brewery Tap Take Over at Alewife

Last night TapHappyAdventures went on our first ever expedition to Alewife in Long Island City. They hosted a momentous event, a Barrier Brewery tap take over. Barrier brought their A game with 30 beers and 2 casks, including one that was brewed specifically for another bar (don’t worry, they gave the ok to bring it, I’m sure.) The list had a little something for everyone but leaned heavily on hoppiness, which I would say is their signature. We got there with the intention of getting a couple flights to maximize the amount of beers we could try. Sadly, the bartender informed me that Alewife doesn’t do flights. After our initial disappointment we just moved on to full pint flights, real man type stuff. We were not disappointed.

Last night we sampled a solid list of beers. Since it was cold and rainy here in NYC we started off with something dark and delicious and later moved onto lighter fare, although we avoided the hoppy beers. We had Moochelle Milk Stout, Rip Rap Baltic Porter, Saazsquash Butternut Squash Ale, Simple Lager, Dementor Sour Ale, and the coup de gras, Nagasaki Sour Saison. The Nagasaki Sour was poured from a ginormous 3 foot tall bottle by the brewers from Barrier around 10pm. In the spirit of the holidays they lined up glasses, popped the cork, and poured it for all to share as a thank you for coming and supporting the Barrier cause. All in all it was successful event with great turn out in support of one of our favorite breweries in the area. Much love to Barrier and good vibes for many more in the future.

Thanks guys!

For more info on our ratings and thoughts on the beers we had check us out on Untappd and for pictures from the evening check us out on Instagram or Tumblr.



When A Beer Fest is Worth It (Hint, Hint….)



Right on the heels of our last post (kind of) condemning the modern beer fest we have one that seems to be worth it. This one comes in at $39 for general admission and 3 hours of tasting. For a $20 upgrade you can get that extra hour bumping it to 4. The lineup isn’t as strong as some others when it comes to rare finds or exotic beers but it does include a good amount of ciders as well as 12 wineries (12!!!) Plus, a beer fest is a beer fest nonetheless, right?

Reminds me of the good old days (you can’t see it but I’m reminiscing in my rocking chair, the opposite of shaking my fist.) Add in the wineries and ciders and it makes it easier to find a fest companion who may not be as into beer as you or is just looking for a basic intro into the world of craft beer. Finally, location wise, it is right off almost every major subway line around Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. What’s not to like? Come join TapHappyAdventures (we’ll be there at the Saturday night VIP session) for some beers and good times! 

Want to get in the game? Go check out the beer list at the link above and tell us which ones you’re excited to try. Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram and show us your tastes. We can’t wait to get our tasting glasses filled with Saranac Rudy’s Spiced Christmas Ale and Schlafly Oatmeal Stout. What about you?

Click Here For More Details

TapHappyAdventures’ Response to Climbing Brewfest Prices and Crowds

Brewfests. They continue to grow in popularity making them bigger and better. With the pros, however, come the cons. For with the ever expanding beer lists and brewery participants come the expanding crowds, longer waits in line, and, the big one, the enormous jump in price. If you’ll put on your old curmudgeonly hat right now you can join us in shaking our fist and yelling how we remember the good old days!

We remember our first brewfest, the now defunct NY Brewfest at the South Street Seaport all the way back in 2006. What a glorious event it was, taking place on a warmish September Friday evening by the water. Back in my day I believe entry was ~$40 for 4 hours of all you can drink deliciousness and live music in tandem with Q104.3. Good times were had by all and many a craft beer was consumed (even in the torrential downpour at brewfest 3.0.) The price went up a little each year for the next two culminating in a $55 price tag for what would be the final (and horrendously disastrous) NY Brewfest on Governors Island. This ticket included 4 and a half hours of drink time (!!!) and free shuttle service on the Governors Island ferry on top of the usual commemorative tasting glass. For an extra $20, $75 total, you could upgrade to the  Connoisseur’s Pass, upgrading your drinking time to 5 and a half hours and a fancier tasting glass.*

Fast forward to the current day and you’ve got festivals like NYC Craft Beer Festival** which usually holds 4 events per year, one for each season. The last one we attended, Summer Jazz, which took place at Webster Hall in NYC, was, as you can see in the attached picture, Untitled, was $65 for early bird, $75 for Advance, and $85 at the door for the VIP. What it doesn’t show is that the VIP is now only 3 and a half hours and the regular entry only 2 and a half, a far cry from the old days. Commence fist shaking. Once they let us in a good number of the breweries weren’t ready to pour yet and some people weren’t even set up at all. Halfway through the VIP hour the lines started to get long, waits increased for beer and the bathroom, and it became harder to move around in general. We left after about 2 hours because of the massive crowd clogging up every path. To us, it had finally jumped the shark and just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Now we can remove our old curmudgeonly hats and put on our innovative creative hats. Seeing the hassle that now comes with these brewfests we decided to have our own fest, or beerfriendst if you will, at one of our houses. Everyone was to bring a couple six packs of something they have never had or that looked interesting or a package of mixed singles if they were lucky enough to live near a place that sold them. Beer was refrigerated and great times were had by all. This way we could not only avoid lines and high prices but also control our own speed of drinking and level of drunkenness while also being able to better enjoy the company of friends. No rushing from booth to booth to try and beat a line or chugging down a beer because you wanted to get the next one before it kicked. While this isn’t an original idea nor the first time anyone has done this we felt accomplished and satisfied.

We ended up sampling 21 different beers amongst our small group, a resounding success. We look forward to the next one!

For a complete list of the beers that we sampled you can click here or check us out on Tumblr or Instagram. You can also stay up to date on TapHappy goings on on Twitter and Untappd.



TapHappyAdventures has arrived!

Welcome, everyone, to the beginning of something. I’d like to sit here and tell you it will be something special, or momentous, or any other amount of adjectives and descriptors, however, I can only be honest. Here at TapHappyAdventures the goal is just to explore the world of beer for everyone, from the beginner who just discovered something other than Bud Light to the aficionados and foamheads who know it all. Hopefully this will be something you’ll enjoy and follow. Join us on our quest.

For now, we will try to keep the blog updated as often as possible but that takes time, effort, and could cost hundreds of lives. In the meantime you can check us out on Twitter and Instagram (@TapHappyAdv), follow us on Tumblr (TapHappyAdventures.tumblr.com), or leave now and miss out on the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be able to say you were there from the beginning.

Whatever you may choose, we present to you, TapHappyAdventures!!Image

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